Set up your Sublime Text 3 to write GameMaker: Studio 2 codes

Recently I have been playing GameStudio franchise and found their default code editor annoying, mainly because I am too comfortable with using my Sublime (with Vim) to do most kind of text editing. So I made this package to make my life easier. Here I will walk you through the process of setting up your Sublime to write GameMaker Language code, comfortably.

First, you need Sublime Text 3.

Second, you need Package Control in your Sublime.

Third, you need to install GameMaker Language (GML) Bundle through package control.

Now, open your GameMaker: Studio 2 and your project. Check the box Automatically reload changed files in Preferences > General Settings.

Now switch to your Sublime, and open the root folder of your project. Then show the sidebar in View.

Now, whenever you create something that has scripts attach to it, you can find the corresponding file in the Sublime.

Here I created an object obj_rock and added a create event. Immediately Sublime refreshes and I can find the source file there.

You can start coding in that file now, with my package it should be a breeze. When you save in Sublime, that file will get reloaded automatically in GameMaker: Studio 2, and you may check if you have any grammar errors there. (If it doesn't reload automatically, you can manually Projects => Refresh Folders.)

Enjoy Subliming your GameMaker Language.


Some Advanced Tips

  • GameMaker: Studio 2 creates many files that you don't want to edit with Sublime. You can make your opened folder in Sublime into a Sublime Project, and exclude those files in project setting.

  • Sublime's Goto Anything searches folder names as well as file names. GameMaker Studio: 2 stores object names using folder names. So, say I want to edit the creation code of obj_rock, I can do search like:

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